August 15, 2019

What to do if You Run Over an Animal on the Road?

All the drivers have ever met a big game animal, a dog or a hare, among others, on the road while we were traveling with our vehicle. In the majority of the occasions, this type of situations can be saved with more or less skill, but what to do if finally the animal is run over? Consult a lawyer from PLLC first and then follow the guide.


Among the autonomous communities where it is more likely to find different loose species along the road. The position of any animal right in the middle of the road when we are at the wheel involves a serious danger and therefore, is the cause of thousands of accidents a year, especially on secondary roads and even more during the months of spring and autumn.


What to do in case of hitting an animal


As in any other type of traffic accident in which the consequences allow to act, the most important thing is to stay calm and proceed with safety. In case of hitting an animal on the road, the law requires stopping the vehicle and checking its status, as well as providing first aid.

Before leaving the car, it is important to set it aside on the side of the road so as not to hinder other drivers and avoid new incidents. Then you should mark the area with the emergency triangles and do not forget to put on the reflective vest.

Once these measures have been adopted, it is necessary to check how the impact has been on the animal: whether it is alive or dead, as well as whether it can move, if it presents a wound, etc. It is advisable to approach with extreme caution, since your instinct may be to attack to defend yourself.

In the event that the animal has died from the blow, it must be removed from the road so as not to obstruct traffic and call the Civil Guard immediately. The authorities are responsible for recording the incident and assessing the responsibility of the same. In case of not doing so, the fine can amount to 200 euros for carrying a danger to the rest of the drivers.

Regarding what you have to do if you run over an animal and it is alive, but cannot move, the most sensible thing is to notify a veterinarian, as well as the authorities. On the other hand, it is also possible to take the animal run over to a veterinary clinic nearby so that they can assess the situation and give it the necessary attention.

If the accident has occurred in a known area, it is also advisable to try to locate the owner of the animal. When it is a domestic species, it is most likely that it has an identification plate, which will be of great help in contacting its owner.

In the event that the accident has occurred to a hunting species, it is advisable to notify the Service of Nature Protection (SEPRONA) as soon as possible, since it is responsible for this type of animals.

As a general rule, these accidents cause serious material damage to the vehicle, so it is also necessary to call the roadside assistance service of the car insurance. Also, if the driver had physical damage, it must be reported on the emergency telephone 112.