August 15, 2019


Email scrubbing can help change that. A few of the benefits of email scrubbing are simple math. You can use tools like TheChecker for this purpose.

Better opening and click rates

Opening and click rates are calculated as a percentage of the total number of e-mails sent.

If you clean up your e-mail list, send emails only to those who are interested. Even if the same people open your emails as before, they will now account for a larger percentage of the total email sent. And that improves your open and click-through percentages.

But if the same people open and click your emails, why is this percentage important?

Here are a few good reasons …

Less spam complaints

Deleting your e-mail list will also reduce the number of spam complaints. Some subscribers mark your emails as spam because they no longer remember to log in, even if they actually did.

The problem is that mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo and other spam complaints are reporting. If there are too many, they will send your emails directly to the spam folder and skip the Inbox.

And you do that for everyone to whom you send an e-mail, not just the people who reported you. This greatly reduces the ability to receive conversions, leads and sales from your email list.

This is a big problem for all email marketers. In fact, the number of successfully delivered emails worldwide is declining.

Email Scrubbing helps reduce the number of subscribers who are annoyed enough to tag your emails as spam. Less spam complaints mean a better reputation for the sender. This means that more of your emails reach the subscriber’s mailboxes.

Less bounces

Sometimes emails bounce, which means they never reach the intended recipient. Sometimes this is due to full inboxes, changed e-mail addresses or technical errors.

Too many bounces have the same effect as spam complaints: they hurt your reputation, which affects the deliverability of emails.

If you remove blocked email addresses while deleting your email list, the number and percentage of bounces will decrease the next time you send them.

Reduced costs

Email marketing services are often calculated based on the number of emails you send, or the number of subscribers you have, or both.

This means there is a real financial incentive to keep your email list clean. Any undeclared subscriber that stays on your list will cost you money.

Use email scrubbing to remove them, and you can improve the email marketing ROI.

Better reporting

There is one last advantage of email scrubbing.

If your email list is bloated with unsubscribed subscribers, it can be difficult to tell how your email marketing strategy works. Subscriber inactivity and spam complaints will distort your statistics.

But if you have a smaller list that is really interested in and responding to your messages, your email marketing stats will be more accurate. This means that you can safely use this data to control your future marketing efforts.