September 15, 2019

This New Player-to-Player Game Allows Players to Race Virtual Dogs on Autopilot

In 2017, CryptoKitties went viral and started a gaming trend. The premise was basic: CryptoKitties lets users to collect and breed cute virtual cats, with a possible 4 billion DNA combinations, and also an element of chance.

Because users own their unique CryptoKitties, the game turns cryptocurrency into “cryptocollectibles”, which can be bought, traded, and sold like a traditional collectible, but with the security of blockchain tracking the ownership.

Coin Dogs – New Crypto Game

Game developer Pixel Cloud took cryptocurrency gaming a step further with Coin Dogs, a game built around racing and breeding cyber dogs in a peer to peer game.

With Coin Dogs, players can race crypto dogs for profit. Players may purchase dogs with the goal of breeding the fastest dog, and players can sign up their dogs into ongoing tournaments to see how they stack up in worldwide competitions. Users can also style their dogs with accessories to create desirable collections to be showcased on social media or rented for breeding with other dogs.

Coin Dogs micro-payments are run through Litecoin. Litecoin is a globally established digital currency that excels its transactional security, speed, and stability. It has tiny fees ensure no friction and incentivize users to race, breed, and trade dogs frequently. Coin Dogs also uses off-chain storage to ensure no hassle payments.

Coin Dogs offers

Fun: Players can choose from over 20 dog breeds with unique physical traits. Breeding Coin Dogs enables over 6 trillion genetic possibilities, introducing scarcity among unique dog breeds. These dogs become valuable collector items which can be sold to other players, and they may be optimized for top racing results.

Capability to earn money: Coin Dogs allows users to make profits through renting dogsfor breeding, winning races, and trading dogs. Players can be successful in any or most of these game aspects, and the element of chance in racing and breeding allows for extra entertainment value in the unpredictability of every outcome.

Investment opportunities: Coin Dogs offers investors and players the ability to share in the success of the game via Coin Dogs tokens (CDS). CDS tokens represent ownership share and give the holder voting rights and dividends from the game’s profits. Players may earn CDS tokens the more they play the game. CDS token holders have the opportunity for dividends.

Pixel Cloud is revolutionizing the blockchain game genre with COIN DOGS. Join a new game that is on the cutting edge of crypto gamingGet paid. have fun.

How to join

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